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“We setup the Les’ Copaque Animation Academy and collaborate with higher education to ensure that the level of teaching in animation is more sustainable and synchronize to the demand of the industry”.

“Les’ Copaque Animation Academy work closely together with the biggest animation company here in Malaysia, Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd. With the industry’s knowledge in the latest technology and software, LCAA is able to provide the most advance curriculum that suits the need of the industry”.

“Les’ Copaque Animation Academy is a place where we encourage the students to think beyond their imagination. We want their creativity and innovation to become the catalyst for breakthroughs in the industry”.


“We believe that we are able to produce graduates that can create unique and amazing IP’s, representing Malaysia through out the world. LCAA emphasizes on ensuring that the students are able to get the best education here with the help of the industry specifically animation”.


“As the academic advisor straight from the industry, I strongly believe that LCAA caters to the need of the industry. The curriculum was created with inputs from the industry, to ensure that the students are ready to work once they’ve graduated”.

“Aspire never Tire”.

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