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     Les' Copaque Animation Academy (LCAA) is a private higher education institution based on 3D animation under LCP Animation Training Center Sdn. Bhd. (LCP). Under the guidance of our parent company, Les' Copaque Production Sdn Bhd, we strive to produce skillful and talented animators here in Malaysia. We offer a wide variety of courses that would help to mold students to become holistic graduates in the animation area.  

As an extension to our offering of the industry-relevant 3D animation courses, we also have an array of courses tailored for the intricate understanding of managing a business revolving intellectual property (IP). These courses will teach students to understand what goes behind the business of producing content and creating IPs. It will also expose students to the importance of branding, IP protection as well as spinning off popular IPs into multiple business ventures. 

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“We setup the Les’ Copaque Animation Academy and collaborate with higher education to ensure that the level of teaching in animation is more sustainable and synchronize to the demand of the industry.”

Haji Burhanuddin Bin Mohd Radzi



Provide excellent, brilliant and distinguished worker skills in the animation industry.


Produce graduates with skills in line with the local and international skills standards in the animation industry.


1. Equip students with theoretical knowledge on the principles and concepts involved in 3D animation production.
2. Expose students to good 3D animation production practices and techniques through practical and hands-on training.
3. Produce skilled graduates who can contribute positively to the 3D animation production industry.

“Les’ Copaque Animation Academy is a place where we encourage the students to think beyond their imagination. We want their creativity and innovation to become the catalyst for breakthroughs in the industry.”

Ahmad Akmal Bin Ahmad Zaini

Chief Executive Officer

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